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HIKA provides an extensive range of display solutions, customised to your needs.
We provide the necessary components and integrate these into a solution to best fulfil your visual display requirements.

Display Solutions for Control Rooms

The nerve centre of any operation, control rooms enable real-time gathering of critical information from remote locations, and allow effective and efficient remedial decisions to be made rapidly.

These rooms receive multiple video and data feeds, which are then processed by a display wall controller system. Rear-screen projectors are used to display the results on walls.

Reliable and high-performance display solutions are crucial – and this is exactly what HIKA delivers. The components we provide include:

  • Rear screen 24/7 DLP®projectors
  • Cubes, screens and display enclosures
  • Control system and wall management software that create an interactive display wall with the viewability of a map board, plus the flexibility and high fidelity resolution of a computer monitor

Hika's display solutions enable:

  • Efficient co-ordination and teamwork between operators with distinct areas of responsibility
  • Better group decision-making
  • A macro view of the entire operations network
  • Operational problems to be immediately identified

Since the first Control Room Display Solution installed in 1994 for Telekom Malaysia, HIKA has secured more than 75% of the market for Control Room Visual Solutions in Malaysia.

We have substantial experience in designing, installing and integrating display solutions in various control rooms.

Together with our partner Christie Digital Systems, we offer:

  • Reliable solutions with long operating life
  • Purpose built features
  • Full 2-year warranty on all current control room product models
  • The best pro-rated lamp warranties for projector and service replacement lamps
  • Extended and international warranties
  • The best after-sales support in the industry
  • Quality products manufactured mainly in the USA and Canada

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Immersive Visualisation Solutions

Hika - Immersive Visualisation Solutions

Ultra-fast computers and powerful software tools have enhanced the ways in which computer-generated imagery is shared, viewed and understood. Why be content with viewing images on 2-dimensional computer screens, when you can enjoy 3D imagery?

A picture paints a thousand words; 3D imagery paints a thousand pictures. Our immersive visualisation solutions enable you to view and interact with images as you would in real life.

Common applications include:

  • Visual Simulation
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Collaborative Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Scientific Visualisation
  • Research and Development

HIKA was the first in Malaysia to implement a 4-sided CAVE system. Since then, HIKA has been involved in numerous 3D projects in the manufacturing, education and entertainment industries. We provide the tools and expertise required to enhance the ways in which computer generated imagery can be shared, viewed and understood.

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Visual Presentation Solutions

Hika - Visual Presentation Solutions

A picture paints a thousand words – and nowhere is this better realised than at presentations or lectures. An effective visual presentation solution reinforces your message, and enables your audience to better understand and retain the information provided.

These solutions also help to sell your products, ideas and corporate image to customers, besides being useful for communication and training within your organisation.

We offer the latest and most effective visual presentations solutions available today.

We design and integrate solutions for:

  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Presentation rooms
  • Auditoriums, lecture theatres and classrooms
  • Places of worship
  • Home theatre
  • Concert halls
  • Dynamic display digital signage
  • Video conferencing
  • And more

We will customise visual presentation solutions based on your specific requirements.

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Display Wall Controllers

Hika - Display Wall Controllers

Through our sister company Nexus Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. (MSC Status), we design and produce our own display wall controllers – DCx.

These are reliable controllers with flexible configurations to suit the demanding requirements of control rooms. By far the most widely used controller in Malaysia, the DCx is also used in control rooms in Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, India and China.

DCx controllers are unrivalled in terms of features, flexibility and price. These quality products will ensure years of uninterrupted operation for your display wall.

We understand that every site is unique in its usage and requirements. DCx controllers are offered with a wide range of options, so you pay for what you need, not for what others think you may want:

  • Choice of chassis
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant hard-drives
  • Redundant ethernet ports
  • Multiple VGA output
  • Video input and switchers
  • RGB input

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