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HIKA has years of experience working with clients to deliver world-class visual display solutions.

Hika - Our Services
Hika - Our Services
Hika - Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our clients. This includes:


How we work with you

1 . Understand

Through discussions with you, we conduct a thorough requirements analysis to ensure that we understand the needs of your organisation and your users. We work closely with you to work out the role that our audio visual technology will need to play.

2 . Design

We're experts in designing customised systems according to our clients’ unique needs. We ensure the successful integration of all voice, video and data presentation technologies that will be used. Our emphasis is on producing user-friendly and reliable solutions.

3 . Build

Our skilled team of project managers, engineers and technicians will construct the required solution to the highest possible standards. We will work closely with architects, design consultants and electrical contractors to drive the project through to completion.

4 . Support

Our systems are easy to maintain through organised designs that give you easy access to your system’s technical infrastructure. We label all system components for easy access and service. In addition, our technical support team will monitor and maintain the installed system throughout its life.

5 . Review

We conduct annual system performance reviews to ensure that the installed systems are still meeting your organisation’s needs. We will also conduct reviews upon your request.

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